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  • Summary:
  • I am a technical product manager with experience owning a complex enterprise application using a subscription business model, including defining the open source strategy and influencing the cloud strategy. I am comfortable working with a global team using agile methodologies. And I am an IT engineer.
  • Experience:
  • Senior Software Administrator
  • March 2016 to Present
  • Alfresco Software, Inc EDMS Community.
  • Responsible for the implementations, configurations customizing ECM platform and open core business model.
  • As a engineer, employed providing support and consulting.
  • Data Document Analyst Consultant
  • April 2016 to Present
  • Designed a database driven application to assist in field work.
  • Prepared reports, demos, trainings.
  • Passed Low Risk (LBI) and Moderate Risk (MBI) background checks by States.
  • Programing Engineering Team Lead Management
  • January 2013 to July 2016
  • AAB services, LLC.
  • ERP and CRM team lead: managed upgrades act as General and Project manager.
  • Build engineer: implemented and maintained engineering tools.
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • June 2001 to December 2013
  • Applied Microsystems Inc
  • Analyst, Programmer in high level languages, consulting, IT management
  • Supervised data centers.
  • Build and manage web. stores
  • Build and manage CMS
  • Server configurations scenario
  • Chief Operations Programing and Networking
  • June 1996 to June 2001
  • Ran a boutique software development consulting firm: customers, employees, payroll, engineering.
  • Networking and telecommunication strategies


  • Education:
  • University of Art
  • Degree: M.S. in Performing and Teaching
  • Graduation: August 1987
  • Certifications from Alfresco, Kofax, ConnectWise, Grafana, Power BI and more
  • Certifications in nursing
  • Key Skills:
  • Product management, architecture, design, and usability experience with applications and systems.
  • Project Management and Application Lifecycle Management.
  • Programming skills.
  • System administration using Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo), Windows servers (2008,2012,2016,2019) MSSQL servers (2008,2012,2016,2017,2019)
  • Solutions selling, partner management, content marketing, developer and community marketing. Systems Reporting


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