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Go paperless. Turn paper piles into images
with our document scanning services.

AAB-iScan can convert your documents into electronic images to
reclaim office space, organize documents for easy retrieval, simplify
disaster recovery, and reduce your company’s environmental
impact. Going paperless is the first step in transforming the
documents you hate into transactions your love.

The Best Security & People
  At AAB-iScan, we provide the highest level of security in the industry.

How it Works
  AAB-iScan provides the services to support the complete management of your document lifecycle. You can redirect all of your documents to us and utilize our specialized staff for a single scanning project or outsource your on-going document conversion needs.

Other Highlights

Additional Services
When you are ready to take the next steps in business document transformation, AAB-iScan is ready to help you. We also provide the following services to our clients:

AAB connects you to other service providers to keep your business with less and/or no headache and minimal stress. 

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