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EDMS-Electronic Document Management System

An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a collection of technologies that work together to provide a comprehensive solution for managing the creation, capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, and disposition of records and information assets of the organization.
One should always look for an EDMS that provides Security control, Version Control, Metadata Capture ...more

AAB - Virtualization Overview

Using AAB - Virtualization, traditional software and hardware resources -- such as operating systems, servers, switches, storage and network resources -- can be replicated in software, which can add impressive cost savings, agility, and flexibility to IT operations. One of the most common types of virtualization is server virtualization, which is used to consolidate traditional server hardware onto a smaller number of physical servers. Microsoft's Hyper-V and VMware's vSphere are the two most popular server virtualization offerings in the enterprise today. ...more

AAB IT Resources

Whether it’s special projects or emergency timelines, there may be times when you need resources to augment your existing staff or specialized skill sets to help get new projects completed. AAB provide screenshots to our Office 365 edition - Only Better system for preview
Please Contact US for more information or request a DEMO MyIT-Office
Desktop edition
AAB experienced IT consultants have a wide breadth of skills ranging from network design and analysis to project management and planning. ...more

MyIT DMS Smart Phone

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AAB-iScan Mobile connects to AAB Solutions Content Services.

With AAB-iScan Mobile you can:
• Create new folders
• Upload documents
• Search for documents and folders
• Sync files and folders for offline access
• Work with your files in Microsoft and Adobe apps
• Capture images, video, and audio
- And see their geo location
• Send documents for review and approval**
• See your tasks**
• Comment on documents
• Email documents
• Join and favorite sites

Other useful things you should know:
• Use Android’s text-to-speech engine and screen reader
• Customize your home screen with AAB-iScan Solutions Widgets for quick access to essential content or one tap capture of photos and text
• Scan directly to your repository with Fujitsu ScanSnap wireless scanners

• Protect your app with a pin***
• Encrypt your stored data with 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard***
• Connect to your AAB-iScan Solutions repository using your AAB-iScan Solutions log-in credentials


Account info and menu


Select, Preview Sites


Select, Preview Files


Select or enter Search


View Search


View more search records


View Repository, Admin Rights


Search Query save or Search


Review Site Records Management Search


Please Contact AAB Services for more information or request a DMS WEB or Mobile DEMO

DMS Desktop edition available.

About US

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We are AK-WA IT, consulting, digital marketing firm specializing in strategy and execution for results-driven businesses

Our processes and marketing insides include consulting services have been honed with many clients and many years of experience.
We'll work directly with your team to insure you have all support you need to implement, manage, track your efforts in your short or/and long term business goals.
Our global IT solution bundles or/and services helps you not only have easy work, but also manage finances more efficient, manage documents (convert to digital and archive or enter to efficient Document management System). Our goal is to assist your organization with What You Need services.

AAB is a small team of experts dedicated to help you or your organization with IT Services, Programing/Developing, Document Management Systems - EDMS (MyIT EDMS-WEB and Desktop Editions, MyIT-Office-365 OB), Professional Translation and many more other services.

IT services include: VOIP, Administration of Database servers or services, Servers, workstations, mobile, IT Infrastructure from small to large businesses, secure your business with firewalls solutions, programming and much more.

AAB connects you to other service providers to keep your business with less and/or no headache and minimal stress. 

Contact AAB Services

Document Control

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Today You Need Document Control
Many recent government regulations clearly require that certain industries exercise control over their documents. These industries include (but are not limited to,) accounting, (example: Sarbanes–Oxley Act), food safety (e.g., Food Safety Modernization Act), medical-device manufacturing (FDA), healthcare (JCAHO), and information technology (ITIL). Some industries are often held to a higher level of document control, for privacy, warranty and insurance purposes. An example would be the construction industry. It’s not uncommon to hold project documentation for warranty periods that might range on average 5 to 10 years.

Read more: Document Control

Scan your documents

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Go paperless. Turn paper piles into images
with our document scanning services.

AAB-iScan can convert your documents into electronic images to
reclaim office space, organize documents for easy retrieval, simplify
disaster recovery, and reduce your company’s environmental
impact. Going paperless is the first step in transforming the
documents you hate into transactions your love.

Read more: Scan your documents

Are you complient?

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Are you compliant with the GLBA? Failure to comply could cost your business thousands of dollars in fines..

The following information is provided by AAB-iScan to assist businesses. It should not be construed as legal advice.
What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?

Broadly speaking, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act of 1974 (GLBA or GLB) restricts with whom businesses can share customer information and mandates that businesses take steps to safeguard customer information and inform customers of how their information will be used.
Who does the GLBA affect?

Read more: Are you complient?

Section 508

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Open source initiative will help the disabled

THE OPEN AJAX ALLIANCE (OAA) is using open source web 2.0 initiatives to improve Internet access for the elderly and disabled.

announced the open source tooling technology to help developers create accessible web 2.0 enabled sites that meet online accessibility standards. The guidelines
followed are the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0), considered as the industry-wide global standard
for accessibility.

Read more: Section 508


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AAB-iScan provide screenshots to our Document management system for preview

Please Contact AAB Services for more information or request a DMS WEB DEMO

DMS Desktop edition available.



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MyIT DMS Desktop

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AAB-iScan provide screenshots to our Document management system Desktop Edition for preview

iScan EZUNO is an additive desktop client for MyIT DMS that comes with innovative productivity features for daily work and seamless MyIT DMS Share integration. EZUNO runs both on Windows and Mac (and even Linux) and significantly speeds up 80% of your daily interactions when working with Document Management System.

Please Contact AAB Services for more information or request a DESKTOP DEMO EDITION













Please Contact AAB Services for more information or request a DESKTOP DEMO EDITION


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AAB provide screenshots to our Office 365 edition Only Better system for preview

Please Contact US for more information or request a DEMO MyIT-Office

Desktop edition available.


Read more: MyIT-Office365-OB

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AAB - Networking Overview

At its most basic level, computer AAB - Networking is about linking various computing devices together. The distances between connected hardware can be modest (across a room) or vast (across the globe), but many of the same underlying technologies are employed: Routers, switches, Ethernet cables, optical fiber, Wi-Fi networks, IP addresses, and networking protocols. Network administrators and architects need to be acquainted with all of these technologies. ...more

With AAB Network Solutions

At AAB Network Solutions, we provide companies with state of the art computer network infrastructure design to facilitate optimum performance. The benefits gained by our solutions designed by our certified engineers make a fundamental difference in the way you work, translating in to a competitive edge, higher profitability, and a positive impact on your bottom line. ...more

AAB - Cloud Computing Overview

In the AAB - Cloud computing model, IT resources are accessed over the Internet (or another network) as a service. There are a variety of cloud computing models, including public cloud computing, where IT resources are shared among users who access the service over the Internet. A private cloud generally limits access to those resources, often has computing resources onsite, and is under more direct control by the customer using the service. ...more